“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” - Rumi
Ashlee Langas, Ascendant Yoga
Ashlee created Ascendant Yoga LA to bring yoga to new practitioners all the way to advanced practitioners and everyone in between. Her goal is to create a safe space for people to find a little bit of peace and self love.


Who is private yoga for?

Private yoga lessons are excellent for beginner to advanced practitioners and everyone in between. Each lesson is tailored to your needs and goals. Some people think you must be flexible or be able to execute difficult positions but yoga is beneficial regardless of your skill level. It is about showing up on your mat and breathing in the moment to find acceptance and peace knowing where you are today is exactly where you are supposed to be. Lessons can range from a flow practice to a more gentle and therapeutic approach.

What is included?

I will provide all of the props for the sessions. I can provide a mat but you may use your own if you prefer. Sessions may include the use of blocks, bolsters, yoga strap and blankets. Private and semi-private sessions include hands-on assisting but please communicate if this is not something you are comfortable with.

  • Benefits of yoga and private lessons:

    Improve flexibility and strength

    Help with weight loss

    Decrease muscle and joint pain

    Increase energy and quality of sleep

    Improve digestion and elimination

    Create greater ability to cope with stress and increase focus

    One-on-one attention gives you individual attention tailored to your needs

    Ability to move through your practice at your own pace and deepens understanding of the asanas (poses)

  • Policies:

    Private sessions are 60 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your needs. Length of lesson and fees will be discussed ahead of time.

    Payments can be made by cash or check.

    Checks can be made out to Ashlee Langas.

    Appointments may be made via email, text or by phone.

    There is a 24 hour cancelation policy otherwise you will be charged the full amount of a lesson.

    Prepaid sessions and packages are non-refundable.

    Payment for sessions are always due at the time service is rendered.

    Please avoid eating 30 minutes to an hour before your session.

    Drink plenty of water before and after you practice.

    Let me know if you have any injuries or concerns before each session begins. If you experience any pain or discomfort during the session please let me know immediately.

Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions. You affirm that you alone are responsible to decide whether to practice yoga. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have now or hereafter may have against Ashlee Langas.


What is office yoga?

Office yoga is private yoga sessions brought to busy offices for people who don’t have enough time in their day to go out to exercise. You can practice in whatever you normally wear to the office or you can bring a change of clothes for a more intense session. You don’t need a lot of space to practice just a willingness to breathe and stretch.

Who is office yoga for?

Office yoga is for anyone interested in taking a little bit of time out of their day to reenergize through breath work as well as simple movement and stretching but who may not have the time or inclination to leave the office.

What happens during office yoga?

Each session is tailored to your skill level and the space provided. Props may include an office chair, yoga mat, blocks, blankets, bolster and strap. Sessions may include but are not limited to breathing, restorative postures, and a modified asana (poses) practice.

How long are office yoga sessions?

The first session will require more time so I can get to know you and what your specific needs are. I will need to know about any injuries. Sessions will last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how long you want your practice to be. The time will be scheduled in advance.

What are the benefits of office yoga?

Sitting at a desk can cause tightness in the hips and legs as well as the shoulders and back. Office Yoga can help to undo the damage sitting at a desk causes. High-stress jobs can raise blood pressure. We can tap into the mind/body awareness by breathing and quieting the mind, which can change the patterns of our reaction to stress. Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line. According to a recent study on worksite health programs, corporations realized $3-$6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs. The same study showed more than a 25% average reduction in health-care costs for well-designed programs (American Journal of Health Promotion).


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